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Providers of equipment for Pipelines and Corrosion Control Engineers. EP-Tech is committed to providing safe and reliable products which meet in all respects the specifications required for corrosion monitoring and control of the highest quality.

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The EP-Tech portfolio features leading-edge pipeline and cathodic protection equipment.

Hexlogger is the latest in fine GPS Electronic Technology for Pipepeline coating survey. DCVG Surveyor Holiday Detector


Hexlogger EPT-4000 pdf Operation manual »

A sophisticated electronic Milli-voltmeter DCVG  Surveyor Holiday Detector


DCVG Surveyor Holiday Detector pdf Brochure »

A sophisticated synchronized Smart Data Logger equipped with GPS Engine GPS Synchronized Smart Data Logger


GPS Synchronized Smart Data Logger pdf Brochure »

We have different ranges of GPS Current Interrupters from 15 - 300 AMP GPS Current Interrupter


GPS Current interrupter pdf Brochure »

A sophisticated electronic digital null meter Soil Test Resistance Meter


Soil Test Resistance Meter pdf Brochure »

A sophisticated electronic receiver with high input resistance that is able to detect low audio AC voltage gradients (ACVG) and provide easy methods of finding any coat defect in a pipeline. Pearson Coating Test Holiday Detector


Pearson Coating Test Holiday Detector pdf Brochure »

PCR Solid State Device “SSD” can decouple DC Cathodic Protection Potential from AC interference and AC continuing / Grounding while CP requirement will be less. Polarization Cell Replacement


Polarization Cell Replacement pdf Brochure »

A sophisticated electronic receiver that is equipped with a search coil and is able to detect coated pipeline signal for a great distance by using null method theory. Pipe and Cable Locator


Pipe and Cable Locator pdf Brochure »

Digital Corrosion Meters

The Digital CP Multimeter is used for cathodic protection monitoring, CP Pipeline survey and in the field. Digital CP Multimeter


Digital CP Multimeter pdf Brochure »

The Digital CP Voltmeter is suitable for measuring pipe to soil potential of buried pipelines or other metallic structures. Digital CP Voltmeter


Digital CP Voltmeter pdf Brochure »

Featured Product

Product Overview

GPS Pipeline Current Mapper Model

Model: EPT/GCM-4000

Typical Applications

The GPS Pipeline Current Mapper "GPCM" measures the distribution of an impressed test current on a Pipeline network. By measuring the pipeline magnetic field, it is able to measure pipeline current flow. It provides an accurate method of mapping and evaluating the loss of cathodic protection current.

The GPCM measures the current magnitude and direction without any connection. The Interrupter provides the easiest method to change the CP potential to a transmitter signal. This is the Pipeline interruption locator that locates the pipeline by using the LCD Bar graph.

GPCM Data logger flash memory is 2000 Mb capacity. It's USB interface port allows data to be downloaded. The EP-TECH computer software has the ability to graph and present saved data verses number of readings or distance. GPS Coordinates are automatically saved for all readings. It is an easy way to map the pipeline by using the "GPS option".

Technical Information and Features

  • Size of the unit: 182x 182 x 63 mm Aluminum box
  • Input voltage Ni MH 7.2 volt/ 4000MA, Large 240 x 64 LCD Display Graphics
  • Max Current with GPS 100 MA, Memory Capacity : 2GB (2000 MB)
  • Ability survey Tag information, Internal clock: separate Lithium Battery
  • Keypad : 7 x 4 tactile Switch keypad, AC Active filter -73db for 50/60 HZ
  • Differential input with two separate channels for survey, Range of measurement: 5000 MA
  • EP-Tech software, ability to export data to Excel Spreadsheet, Graph ability with GPCM EP-Tech Software
  • Magnetometer for Magnetic field measurements, LCD Bar graph for locating the pipeline and Current Direction
  • Universal charger current, constant current 400 MA
  • Graph Zooming ability with Graphic features
  • Direct Current Gradient "Frame Method" for fault location
  • Ability to graph the saved data information in the field



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